Christopher Hans Enderle




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Made with pencil, Photoshop, Illustrator, AfterEffects, Quicktime, and Flash.
BigBloke font by Nate Piekos.
Music is Misfit from Freeplay Music.
Concept sketches.
Sketches1 Sketches2 Sketches3

The show is a "Making of the Band" type reality spoof, where characters are brought together to create a new music sensation. It's based in the world of stick people and while things seem normal enough at first, the stick people world turns out to be anything but.
On the show the characters go through their challenges in creating a new band. They have to deal with writing the music, agreeing on type of music they're going to create, the lyrics, letting each person express themselves while also keeping everything unified. Fights might break between members, arguments over the direction the band should take, and ordinary (or not so ordinary) every day obstacles would make up the bulk of the content of the show.  
The audience for the show would be an older demographic, 18+, people who enjoy the particular type of music the band does (in the alternate rock area), people who enjoy reality TV or spoofs thereof, and animation.
It would most likely be aired on cable, on music, comedy, or animation centric channels like VH1, MTV, Comedy Central, or Adult Swim (Cartoon Network). Times it would be best to run would be prime time to late evening.