Christopher Hans Enderle





Done in Photoshop. Click for larger image.
Progression and hair style alteration.
Sketch althair


My main inspiration for this piece began with the hair style. I spent several days simply researching that one aspect, as I knew it would be a major component of the piece and I did not want to risk simply "winging" it, only to have it ruin the piece. While I could not find an exact (or even very close) match, I did come to realize that some pretty crazy things were possible with hair, and so I proceeded, hoping to get away with it after all. I feel it worked out fairly well.
Being prepared for any critical analysis, I did work out just how the hair is done. The main mass of hair is brought up and tied into a bun. The hair is parted and loops are left flowing down from the bun. Different areas of the hair can be left out from the bun for alternating styles.
I based the necklace beads off of comets and falling stars. The red is meant to represent the heat of entering the atmosphere and the blue is meant to represent the icy trail of dust. The wallpaper style is based off of Victorian era wallpaper.