Christopher Hans Enderle




Color, Normal, and Displacement Map (Click for larger image).

Color and Normal map only.

Normal map only.

Base mesh (2188 tris).


Low Res mesh created in 3ds Max (stat shot taken from Maya). High Res created in ZBrush. Color map created with Photoshop. Rendered with mental ray in 3ds Max.
Texture Maps.


Concept art, progression, detail shots, and variations.
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Several subspecies or breeds have evolved in and around the land of Cislen. This is one of the more common types, usually found in desert ruins and where the jungle meets the savannah. These creatures behave much like lions. The males have blunt teeth and shorter tails than the females.
The females are the primary hunters and their blunt teeth are replaced by dagger-like teeth as they mature from cubs. Their slightly longer tail also aids them in keeping their balance while at a full sprint.
They have no eyes but the pits on either side of their head function as sensory organs. Whether they sense specifically noise or smell or something else is unknown. Attempts at asking them have been disastrous. They don't speak english.
Approach with caution (and a big sword).

Their bones and skin are quite useful and valuable to the people of the land. The skins of certain more rare, reclusive breeds are especially valued by the wealthy as clothing and accessory material. There's a growing counterfeit market which processes the more common skins to have the look and feel of the rarer kind. However, their methods are crude and unrefined. A person discovered wearing such counterfeits will most certainly be laughed at.
The meat of young biters is considered a delicacy (moreso due the dificulty in procuring the meat, rather than the taste or texture). The meat of mature biters is not highly sought after.