Christopher Hans Enderle




My company would hold writing seminars for designers every week. Having taken several classes in school already and wishing to avoid having my work interrupted I looked into testing out of these classes. I wrote a short piece of fiction for my boss and he accepted it. Here it is below:

Light began seeping into the darkness. Cracking at the horizon, patterns and dreams melted, dissolving into meshed eyelashes slicked by moist eyes. Giving pause, a blurry world, smudged by sleep, began to blend into consciousness.
The warmth that had wrapped around itself faded. As if waking with, a pleasant breeze flowed up from the valley, washing away the still air of slumber. Nostrils filled and eyes dried as the last remnants of the nap departed.
Waking to a shimmering dream, rustling leaves overhead played the light, creating, destroying, mixing and bending glowing streams. They threatened to hypnotize and plunge everything back into darkness. However, the onslaught relented, the canopy held, and the shade kept the hill, continuing to reign in the sea of sun.
Still heady with fading memories, she braced herself against the soft bark, stood, steadied, and stepped into the gleaming waves. Drenched by brightness, her pupils contracted; wrinkles that would never take hold spread from squinting eyes. An expansive vista faded into view. Mountains, forests, fields, and sky distilled, rolling out around her, radiating with reflected rays.
The empty heavens, saturated blue, echoed the delicate music of chirps, buzzes, and whispers. A flutter of orange came in from her right peripheral. Turning with a brightening face, she had already been passed by the butterfly. The wind blew again, it held steady over her head. Inexhaustible energy resurfaced, her reach grasping at the ‘phemeral insect, pulling into the air.
Delicate fingers caged around the fragile creature. Orangely dusting them with the patter of its wings, the butterfly found its footing on her ring, upside down and at an angle. Within her bent fingers it waited as she ran to show off the amazing catch.
Pinned down by a carefully prepared spread, the corners of the cloth gently flapped. Two figures, their backlit forms an endless well of all the worlds goodness, sat, waiting for her return.
Having challenged fate, her morning adventure seemed to be coming to its usual end. Falling under the couple’s shadow, the sun suddenly seemed to explode. A spear of blinding light thrust down from the heavenly body, the earth shuddered under the fatal blow, deep rumbling resonating down to her gut.
The blast passed over the land, passed over them. Dust swirled up thick. For a moment she stood in the dimness, perplexed by the curtains of dirt now sifting through the air. At a moment, the confusion solidified into a new sense, an incomprehensible fear tearing its way out from the depths of her heart.
Breaking up around her, the haze revealed their shadowed forms. Relief rushed forth. Now was her chance to show what she had caught, what had so beautifully fluttered past her. Their empty sockets stared down at the hollow carapace, its veined wings unmoving. Her hand remained still, presenting dust to dust.