Christopher Hans Enderle




Happy Tracks

Inspired by popular casino games and Crossy Roads, we looked into creating a fun and exciting random experience. Created with Game Maker.

Farmer Joe hosts animal races on his farm. In each race, 5 animals compete, each on their own track. Each animal has an equal chance of winning. Obstacles will often appear on a track. Most either help or hinder, but some are a surprise!

Each race costs a minimum wager of gold. Depending on where you place, or what your current winning streak is by place or by animal, you will win back your wager. A daily amount of gold is also awarded.

The game is monetized through interstitial ads, a disable ads IAP, and purchasable gold.

By winning races, Eggs are earned, which can be used to unlock new animals!

Multiplayer was also supported. Though no gold was spent or won in this mode, up to 5 players could participate. Each round one player is eliminated until one player emerges victorious!